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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Crossing Paths


We see so many people every day, strangers. Some are friendly; they look at you in the eye and you can see the faint trace of a smile forming, or even an actual smile, even if they've never seen you before (these people make my day). Others are, I guess, just busy thinking about their own stuff; they tend to avoid any eye contact, they simply look away. Well, we never know what someone is going through, what kind of thoughts are occupying their mind at that specific moment. And then there are the 'strangers' who have managed to become something more than just that! The ones who are currently having some 'impact' in our life. It might be weird, but questions such as 'what purpose will this person serve in my life right now?', 'why have our paths crossed?' and 'why now?' usually come to mind. 

I do believe that things happen for a reason, we don't just randomly meet people, they cross our path for a reason. There's always some lesson to be learned, good or bad. Sometimes we figure it out right away, sometimes it takes a long time to realise the reason behind it. They might no longer be a part of our life by then, but the lesson they have taught us stays for good. Well, usually, that is; quite a few of us need to repeat the cycle quite a few times before we realise our mistakes and what we need to change. It all depends on how our life is at that very moment. Sometimes we're not prepared, we don't easily 'accept' what there is to be learned (consciously or subconsciously) and we miss opportunities. It's all a part of life, however; that's the beauty of it, after all, learning!

Sometimes, we think that we've met people at the wrong time, but it isn't so. They came into our life at that specific moment in order to teach us something. If they're meant to stay, they will. If their stay is only temporal, it's not the end of the world... If they're meant to be a part of our life then our paths will cross again. It's just good to be able to recognise the values we gain from our different encounters in life :)

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