"I am on a journey... With my work, my explorations, and a few sad stories. I travel with a suitcase full of outrageous blessings. I am on a quest for truth, beauty, and quiet joy. I am an artist, a writer, an explorer."

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I'll be cheating a bit today by giving you this link which is basically a blog post I'd written last year. BUT, it wasn't for Thanksgiving, so I wouldn't be cheating in that sense! I'd written it on a day I felt particularly thankful about the people in my life and if I were to type something up today, given the occasion, I'd probably type up the same thing with a bit of rephrasing here and there...

Thank you, and, I love you :)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Just Moping

 Morning Breaks by Craig Armstrong

This time of year always brings me back to you,  
But of course, so does the summer.

It hurts, being in the dark.

Not knowing how you are,
Not knowing where you're at.

I wish you'd given me a clue, some sign,
Sometimes I try to read within the lines.

How did we come to drift away,
Talking less, breathing stress.

We've changed and it just seems...
I've lost you on the way.

When will I learn?
By Alice Karayiannis

Friday, 14 November 2014

The Forest

Photo by Alice Karayiannis

I am there now, lost in the forest, dwarfed by the giant trees. Find me.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

High Hopes

High Hopes by Kodaline

Seems to me like I'm just scared of never feeling it again
 I know it's crazy to believe in silly things
But it's not that easy

But I've got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, when it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around

How this world keeps spinning around 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Just Sometimes

Just one of those days

Hiding in my headphones
Drowning myself in music.

From time to time
I've got the need
To relive (relieve)
Certain emotions.

Just trying to feel the beat
By Alice Karayiannis

Lost Memories

Eet by Regina Spektor

Feeling disconnected today...