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Sunday, 26 January 2014

I'm Back

And I'm back; back in St Andrews but also back to blog-writing. It's been a while - 25 days to be precise - and oh so many things can happen in such little time! Doors close, new ones open; people walk in and out of your life; life happens. Everything happens for the best :)

Time flies when you're enjoying yourself! I was free and carefree...and FREE. I realised, yet again, that amazing things can happen once you get out of that comfort zone. Life is full of little miracles, you won't regret it; surprise yourself! The past weeks seem like a distant, blissful dream; like those dreams you never want to wake up from, the ones which suddenly end and plunge you back into reality. 

It was about time though, I guess; let's get this semester over with! I'm ready.
Photo by Alice Karayiannis

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