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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

One Down

And yes! My first exam is over with; only one to go. The paper was decent. A lot better than I'd expected. Surprisingly enough, I hadn't even stressed over it. I was surprised at myself, that was pretty unlike me. Those who know me can definitely confirm that!!

I was scared a while back, yes; but then, nothing! Absolutely nothing. You know those times when you start getting worried just because you're not worried and you're wondering what's wrong with yourself? Well, not even that! I was completely chill. And I'm very proud of myself for that. No sleepless nights whatsoever this time round. 

I think that's what happens when you know you've done everything you could've done; you know that it's not up to you anymore because you've tried so hard. You know that if there's some form of justice then you're bound to get something out of it. Although I don't know if that's the only case because it's not as if I don't do this every time before an exam. I always try my best.

Maybe it's just the realisation that you never gain anything from stressing. It's just an exam; it's important but it's not a matter of life and death. You've tried and you'll definitely be trying your best. The day will come, you'll take the exam and yes, you'll have gained your freedom once again!

I don't know why we stress so much. I mean, it's not as if I'm completely over stressing, I was worried about how to fit things into my suitcase last night. Such an irony! But I really need to get this word out of my dictionary. Well, I definitely feel closer to doing that :)

Oh, and I woke up to this today:
Photo by Alice Karayiannis

Life is good!

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